University of the Assumption
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University Info

  • January 12, 1963 - Bishop Emilio Cinense, DD and Msgr. Pedro Puno founded Assumption Junior College. The school was housed at the Assumpta Building, downtown San Fernando. Sr. Gunfrida Schneyer, OSB headed the school. There were 275 enrollees. First program offerings were: Bachelor of Arts, BS Commerce, BS Education, BS Elementary Education
    1965 - The campus was transferred at Unisite Subdivision (its present location) with Puno Hall as the only edifice. The school was granted government recognition as Assumption College of Pampanga.
    1966 - Rev. Fr. Aniceto Franco established the High School and Grade School departments. Sr. Mary Philip Ryan O.P. and the Dominican sisters of Our Lady of Remedies supervised the high school and grade school depts.
    1969 - BS Civil Engineering was offered. Ryan Bldg., Benedictine Bldg. and Cinense Gymnasium were built.
    1974 - Rev. Fr. Octavio M. Ramos paved the way for additional program offerings: BS Nursing, BS Nutrition and Dietetics, BS Industrial Engineering, BS Architecture. Master of Arts in Education was offered as the initial program offering for the Graduate School.
    March 19, 1980 - The Ministry of Education granted university status to the Assumption College of Pampanga and it was named UNIVERSITY OF THE ASSUMPTION.
    1980_s - New edifices were constructed: Nutrition Bldg., Ramos Building (Grade School Building), Bishop Guerrero Bldg. (Chapel Bldg.), Archbp. Cruz Museum Archives, Ryan Hall Annex, Alumni Center, Post Office. The OUtreach Ministry Program was established; UA was chosen as the Regional Staff Development Center, UA Nutrition Center, Learning Resource Center, Education Development Project Implementing Task Force.
    1985 ? Rev. Fr. Cenovio M. Lumanog was appointed President by Arch. Oscar V. Cruz, JCD, DD
    1988 - DECS approved to offer Doctor of Education.
    1990 - Most Rev. Jesus C. Galang, DD was installed as University President. Cruz Bldg., Galang Building (Library Bldg.) were constructed. BS Accountancy was offered.
    1992 - Rev. Msgr. Ricardo Jesus T. Serrano assumed Presidency and instituted anti-lahar and anti-flood programs. During Msgr. Serrano?s incumbency, the following programs in the Graduate School were added: Master in Public Administration, Master of Arts in Educational Management majors in Early Childhood, in Mathematics, in English and in Teaching Filipino. In the college department, BS Hotel and Restaurant Management, Bachelor of Arts major in Social Work, in Philosophy, BS Commerce major in Computer Science were added in the roster of program offerings.
    1998-2002 - Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication and BS Interior Design were offered. In the same year, CHED granted the permission to convert AB Social Work to BS Social Work. Expansion of Msgr. Lumanog building, Msgr. Ramos building, Fr. Franco building, ASF and DSF buildings were occupied to accommodate the growing population of the college department. As additional sports and athletics facilities, the UA Tennis Court with mini club house was constructed. New facilities were installed to meet the growing demands of the academic community: TV Studio, Radio Studio, Speech Laboratory, Archbp. Aniceto bldg. (Student Center), Domus Mariae International Center, computer rooms, multimedia classrooms, renovation of the Archbp. Cinense Gymnasium.
    2002 - Liberal Arts, Education, Commerce, Accountancy and Nursing programs were granted Level 2 Accreditation by PAASCU.
    2003 - UA Graduate School was ranked as one of the top graduate education centers in Region III based on the Evaluation of Graduate Education in the Philippines (EGEP) results.
    2005 - CHED approved BS Biology (Pre-Med) and BS Mathematics as additional course programs of the University.
    2006 - UA Grade School and High School departments were granted Level 2 Re-Accredited status by PAASCU (Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities). BS Computer Engineering, BS Office Management were offered by the School of Technological Studies and School of Business respectively.
    June 18, 2007 - Bishop Roberto C. Mallari, DD was appointed by Arch. Paciano B. Aniceto, DD as OIC ? President of the university.
    October 15, 2007 - Bishop Roberto C. Mallari, DD was officially appointed University President. The Bishop President was installed in November 29, 2009.
    2007 - MA in Theological Studies was added to the roster of programs in the Graduate School.
    2008 - PAASCU Level 2 Re-accredited status was granted to the following Colleges: Arts and Sciences, Nursing, Education and Business Administration.
    2009 - BS Tourism Management, BS Information Technology and BS Eleectronics Engineering were offered to meet the demands of the industry.
    Aug 14, 2009 - Launching of the UA Golden Jubilee 2013, Go for the Gold

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Address: Del Pilar, Unisite Subdivision, City of San Fernando 2000, Philippines, San Fernando, Philippines


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