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  • Formerly Poveda Learning Center, the heritage of Saint Pedro Poveda College stems back to 1960 when Institucion Teresiana School was opened. The school first offered Kindergarten and Primary classes, and began offering Preschool, Elementary and High School Education by 1969.Pedro Poveda's philosophy and principles of education are integrated in the school's Personalized Education Program (PEP). This program has been implemented since the beginnings of the school.By December 3, 1974, during the birth centennial celebration of Saint Pedro Poveda, Institucion Teresiana changed its name to Poveda Learning Center as a fitting tribute to him. That same year, UNESCO honored Pedro Poveda as "Humanist and Educator".As a response to the call to contribute to the transformation of Philippine Society, two degree programs in the field of education and business administration with various areas of specialization are being offered, effective AY 2005-2006. With the expansion into tertiary education, the name of the school has been changed to Saint Pedro Poveda College.
  • VISION - The Povedan: A Person for All, steeped in prayer and study, knowledge and virtue, science and faith
  • MISSION - Saint Pedro Poveda College is a Catholic educational communityinsipred by Saint Pedro Poveda's vision of a holistically formed person, centered in Christ, with Mary as the exemplar. Rooted in the Filipino culture, Saint Pedro Poveda College commits itself to excellence, service, social transformation and global competence in a family atmosphere, a climate of joy, simplicity, order and love.

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EDSA corner P. Poveda St.,, Philippines
(+632) 631-8756 to 58


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