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  • 1453 began a new era in world history. This historic venue is the turn of Istanbul. Istanbul, from north to south and from the east of the sea lanes of the westbound highway intersection is located in. This geography is a natural inner harbor estuary is also a city that came forth throughout history added to lose its importance. Situated in such an important geographical area of ​​Istanbul Fatih Sultan Mehmet, through immediate action for the development of the city. Mulla and Mulla Hüsrev Gürani taking lessons himself as one of the leading teacher training period of SultanMehmed II, the center of Istanbul is not only the state, but also want to do science and cultural center.attaches great importance to science as well as the religious sciences at the invitation of Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror, Semerkad from Venice, it begins to come to a different place in the world of art and scientists Istanbul. Suhayl Unver, "Fatih Sultan Mehmet madrasas to have the beginnings of a massive effort to put positive trends," he says.

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