Informatics College, North Edsa
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  • Informatics was established in 1983, in response to Asia's economic growth fostering tremendous demands for skilled Information Technology (IT) manpower and knowledge-based workers to build and sustain the rapid economic development in the region. The first private lifelong learning company to obtain an SGX-SESDAQ listing in May 1993, the Group has grown from strength to strength. Expanding rapidly from one centre when it was first established, to a global company with presence in countries spanning across Asia Pacific, Africa, Middle East, Europe and United States. Established in 1994 in the Philippines, today, Informatics has the widest range of IT programs and curricula recognized worldwide. Informatics constantly emphasizes research and development to maintain its leading edge in the Philippines.
  • VISION We are the Authority, Model and Primemover in Information Technology Training and Education.
  • Total Customer Satisfaction We focus to understand our Customers and strive to deliver with speed to delight them by exceeding their expectations. People We value our People and are committed to training and developing them and instilling self-confidence in whatever they do to realize their fullest potential. Speed We manifest Speed in our every action, making it our competitive advantage. Stretched Goals We set Stretched Goals to exploit every market opportunity to maximize shareholder's return. Innovative Culture We execute with simplicity and strive for continuous improvement to achieve excellence in everything we do. Professionalism We uphold the highest standards of ethics and integrity. Community Service We strive to be a good corporate citizen in every community that we serve. Profit We endeavor to provide the desirable return to our shareholders and rewards to other stakeholders. Growth We are committed to long-term and sustainable growth in order to provide rewarding careers for our people.

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29 North Ave, Diliman, , Philippines 1101
(+632) 925-2948 / (+632) 925-5202 / (+632) 925-5640


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