Bindura University of Science Education
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  • In 1995, the Government made a decision to address the problem of the shortage of science teachers locally by setting up a University of Science Education. The Bindura University College of Science Education was established under the University of Zimbabwe. Arrangements were made for it to be housed at the Provincial Public Service Training Centre in Bindura.

    The College finally opened on 26 March 1996 with an intake of 125 students. Among the lecturing staff, were five lecturers from Cuba. This development coincided with and was partly, a consequence of the termination of the Zimbabwe-Cuba Science Teacher Training programme which had begun operating in the mid-1980s. The University Council then set up a Planning Committee, which was charged with the responsibility of transforming the College into a University within a period of less than five years

    Government gazetted the Bindura University of Science Education Act in February 2000, conferring University status to the College. A University Council with Professor C J Chetsanga as its Chairman was appointed. Professor C E M Chikombah, who had been the College's substantive Pro-Vice Chancellor since 1997 became the Acting Vice Chancellor.

    Since its inception, the University is operating from the Public Service Training Centre, on a temporary basis, pending the construction of the Main Campus. This is being built on a 159 hectare plot about two kilometres from the town centre along the Bindura - Mount Darwin Road. BUSE Strategic Plan 2009-14


    Bindura University of Science Education seeks to be a hub of knowledge and beacon of excellence in teaching, research and extension services.


    The University exists to contribute to the development of Zimbabwe through the advancement of knowledge and skills in science education. It seeks to produce innovative and highly acclaimed graduates equipped with research, entrepreneurial and technical skills for the benefit of the nation and the international community.

    Core Values

    Student Centredness

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