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  • Welcome to BAU's website that has been designed to meet your information needs through an overview of our extensive range of programs, locations, facilities, and services available.

    BAU is a private institution for higher education that has established itself to be a nationally and internationally recognized and respected university. With more than 300 higher education programs, BAU provides a rich and rewarding educational environment to some 15,000 students per year in Lebanon and abroad.

    We are proud of our achievements so far but there are many challenges and demands facing the higher education system worldwide including an increasing demand for knowledge and skills. Our vision is to make a difference in society through education and research whilst adhering to our academic values of intellectual freedom and integrity. Consequently, we have made commitments to strengthen our core intellectual disciplines, open new channels to scientific understanding in non-traditional fields as well as ensuring a strong and focused regional presence. We are focusing on strategic business issues such as campus and site expansion program (Debbieh, Tripoli, Saida); developing and maintaining a culture that values and rewards quality teaching and learning; developing local and international partnerships and alliances; promoting outcome-related research in affiliation with local and international partners that contributes to national and international innovation; maintaining close interaction with industry and the community while making positive contributions through our Community Services & Continuing Education Centre; and strengthening the support structures including technology and other infrastructure to enhance student learning.

    Whether you are a prospective student or a current student, a staff member or collaborator, I hope you benefit from this website and any further interaction with the University.

    Prof. Dr. Amr Galal El-Adawi
    Beirut Arab University


    Professor Amr El-Adawi became President of Beirut Arab University in August 2006. He is professor of architecture at the University of Alexandria where he served as Dean of the Faculty of Engineering (2005-2006). Prof. El-Adawi is a consultant for the architectural design unit at the office of the Minister of Culture and for Mubarak City for Scientific Research and Technological Applications. He is also member of the supreme committee for the promotion of academic staff in Egyptian universities and of the High Supreme Court for Values in Egypt.

    Prof. El-Adawi joined the teaching staff at the Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University immediately upon graduation from the Faculty in 1974. He received his M.Sc. in architecture from Alexandria University in 1980 and his PhD in Urban Design from Liverpool University (England) in 1986. He then rose through the academic ranks to full professorship in 1997.

    Academic History
    Throughout his career, El-Adawi has produced groundbreaking research, attended important conferences, taught at a number of universities, and held administrative as well as academic responsibilities. His research interests cover the quality of the built environment, the architectural design process, water courses in the urban context, the development of historic sites, and architecture of waterfronts.

    Prof. El-Adawi has always transferred his academic knowledge to the realm of community service. He was member of the judging committee for the Alexandria competition - Future Prospects - at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina (2006), and consultant for the Alexandria Governorate ? Al-Mahmoudia Canal development project (2001-2006). Among the major projects designed by Prof. El-Adawi are the development project for Al-Mahmoudia Canal (1993-2001 and 2003-2005), the planning of the area of Kom Al-Shakafa and Amoud Al-Sawari, the development project for Faros-Qeitbey historic site, and the development of historic Islamic Cairo.

    Though Prof. El-Adawi has been teaching mainly at Alexandria University, he was visiting professor at Beirut Arab University several times (1995, 1997, 1999, 2004) and at the United Arab Emirates University (1994-1995). In addition, he spent four years on secondment at Beirut Arab University (1989-1993). He has also assumed academic and administrative responsibilities: Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University, president of the Quality Assurance Council at the Faculty of Engineering, member of Alexandria University Strategic Council (2005-2006), and Vice Dean at the Faculty of Engineering (2004-2005).

    Professor El-Adawi's honors include the University of Alexandria prize (2008), the State Prize for urban landscape: The Development of Historic Sites, Egypt (2007), the Islamic Capitals and Cities Organization award for the improvement and development of Al-Mahmoudia Canal project (2001), and the Farsey Architectural Prize for excellence in the environmental improvement of Al-Mahmoudia Canal project (2000).

    Prof. El-Adawi is member of a number of professional associations as well as social and sporting clubs.

    The President's Mission
    As President of Beirut Arab University, El-Adawi has been working on the restructuring of the university administrative system, the improvement of academic programs, and the expansion of the university's physical facilities.


    Commencement Ceremony-2nd Session 2006
    Higher Education Quality Assurance Workshop
    Commencement Ceremony for Specialist Doctors 2007
    Commencement Ceremony 2007
    Fresh Graduates Annual Dinner
    Iftar of BAU North Alumni
    Article about the Role of Rafic Hariri in Supporting Higher Education in Lebanon
    Year Book 2008-2009
    The Fifth Arab Forum for Education in Morocco
    Commencement Ceremony for Specialist Doctors 2008
    Commencement Ceremony 2008
    Iftar of Bekaa Alumni 2008
    Press Conference in Debbieh
    University Founding Ceremony
    The First Arab Report for Cultural Development
    Launching of the New BAU Website and Portal
    Medical Education Congress 2009
    First Dental Congress
    The Effects of the Global Financial Crisis on Financial and Banking Sectors
    Commencement Ceremony for Specialist Doctors 2009
    Commencement Ceremony in Debbieh 2009
    Commencement Ceremony in Beirut 2009
    In Honor of Academic Staff on Secondment
    International Association of Universities Conference
    Golden Jubilee
    16th International Scientific Conference (LAAS)
    Tempus Project
    Conference of Faculty of Medicine
    The Visit of his Excellency Amr Moussa to the University
    The International Arbitration Conference 2009-2010
    The Dinner Ceremony of the International Arbitration Conference
    Conference of Faculty of Pharmacy 2009-2010
    Opening Ceremony of Human Rights Center
    EMUNI Regional Day
    Scientific Research Day - Spring 2010
    Lebanon in Security Council
    Launching of New Diploma in Women Studies
    Commencement Ceremony for Specialist Doctors 2009-2010
    Golden Jubilee Class Commencement Ceremony 2009-2010
    Opening Ceremony of BAU branch in Tripoli 2010
    Law Conference Fall 2010-2011
    EMUNI Research Souk Conference 2011
    Commencement Ceremony for Specialist Doctors 2011
    Celebrating the Faculty of Pharmacy Silver Jubilee 2011
    Commencement Ceremony 30-6-2011
    The Arab Women Investors Union
    Arab Media Honouring Ceremony 2011
    The University Honouring Reunion
    Launching of European Tempus Project 2012
    Media Honoring Ceremony and the Opening of the Micorobiology Lab Tripoli 2012
    President Opening Speech-TIES
    Research Day 2012
    Commencement Ceremony 2012
    Law and Political Science Conference 2012
    Unveiling Zahle's 150th Jubilee Monument
    The World Diabetes Day 2012
    Mount Lebanon startup weekend 2012
    Prof.Talal Abu Ghazaleh Lecture 6-12-2012
    Architecture Golden Jubilee 22-1-2013
    Commencement Ceremony for Specialist Doctors 12-6-2013
    Commencement Ceremony 27-6-2013

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