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Bachelor of Arts Course in History

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This is an American degree, four years in length (see the 'structure' tab for more information). In the History major you will study different periods of time and different geographical and political areas. You will learn how critically to evaluate historical evidence, to reach your own interpretation of it and to present your conclusions. Students who study History at Regent?s University London have London as their classroom. The city itself has two millennia of history behind it. This history may be discovered in the documents of London?s archives and in its historic buildings and landscape. You will need three credit hours in a non-native language (this requirement is waived for students who are studying in English as their second language). Why should I choose this programme? Historians have always been valued by employers for their ability to master data and for other transferrable skills. In the contemporary environment where people may change jobs many times in their working lives, and where jobs are being created which did not now exist in the last decade, this transferability and flexibility will be even more important. Key skills, aims and objectives Familiarity with the outline history of the modern world In-depth knowledge of the history of one geographical area or historical epoch The ability to make historical arguments using concrete illustrations and examples Competency in research methods Critical-thinking skills Awareness of the roots of cultures Future opportunities Historians have always been valued by employers for their ability to gather, evaluate, interpret and present evidence. This has traditionally led them into careers in politics, public administration and the law. Career opportunities also exist in communication, including teaching. Careers directly related to history may be found in archaeology, museum work or librarianship; further qualifications will usually be necessary.

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