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MA in Language, Literature and Culture Spanish

Fees Detail

Application Fees 150 EUR
Course Fees 3,500 EUR
Exam Fee 250 EUR entrance exam fee
Total Fees 3,900 EUR


The Master in Language, Literature and Spanish Culture aims to train people interested in language, literature and culture of the Hispanic world. The training consists of three parts: in addition to the core subjects in which introductory historical, comparative and applied Romance linguistics, the Hispanic literature, the methodology of scientific research and the history of the Hispanic world subjects include, the second phase of the program offers courses that enable the deepening both phonetics, phonology, morphosyntax and the historical grammar of Spanish as in different periods and genres of Spanish and Latin American literature. Differentiated vocational training offers specialized courses in literature-history of Hispanic theater, development of cuentístico gender, Hispanic poetry, chronicles and culture and civilization with subjects such as history of ideas, history of art in the Spanish-speaking world and contemporary Hispanic world, in addition to the Hungarian-Hispanic relations.

The program also focuses on knowing the different lines of research are given in Hispanic studies; develop the research and academic competence as part of language, literature and culture; be able to analyze texts and Spanish and Latin documents from a historical, literary, artistic pespectiva; and establish relationships between Spanish and Latin American cultures. Students who graduate in Spanish studies have adequate training to work in tourism, cultural and international affairs manage, and collaborate with publishers or multinational companies.

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4 semesters

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