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Master Course in Agribusiness management

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1. Graduates with first class or second class honors in the special degree programs in Agriculture, Commerce, Management, Business Administration, Food Science and Technology, Economics or related fields from a recognized university. 2. Graduates in the above fields with a minimum of one year experience in a recognized institution in the field of Business Management, Entrepreneurship, Ago-based industries or Extension/Development activities. 3. Graduates in the fields of Biological Sciences, Economics, Management, Business, Agriculture, Food Science with Post Graduate Diploma in the fields of Management, Entrepreneurship, Agro-processing or related fields. 4. Graduates in any discipline from a recognized university with a minimum of three year post qualifying work experience in the managerial capacity in the fields of agri-business 5. A professional qualification that will be considered on a case by case basis, by the board of study with the approval of the Director of Postgraduate studies of University of Ruhuna and a minimum of three years of post qualifying experience in Business Management or related fields. And a good working knowledge in English Necessary qualification for DABM Programme 1. Graduates in the fields of Agriculture, Management, Economics, Biological Sciences who are seeking professional qualifications in the field of Agribusiness management. 2. Employees in the fields of agriculture, business, extension and development activities with a professional qualifications accepted by the Board of Study subjected to approval of Director of Postgraduate studies of University of Ruhuna. And a good working knowledge in English Structure of the study program The degree program consists of course work and a research component basically two year duration in the semester system. The course component provides a broad introduction to key aspects of business management, agricultural business opportunities, principles of agro-based enterprises, technical know-how of the agro-enterprises and agri-business to give an excellent preparation for a career in business management and agro-based enterprises. First two semesters are designed mainly for the course work to acquire the knowledge about the field of study, analytical tools and research designs and partly to develop the research design. Second two semesters are mainly for the research and partly for the course work to fulfill the requirement of the program. Students should complete the following requirements to award the Degree / Diploma. 1. For Master of Agri-Business Management (MABM): Minimum of 30 course credits subjected to the requirements of restrictions of examination guidelines (subjected to the restrictions of core courses, optional courses and supplementary courses), a dissertation after a research component of minimum of one year duration, two seminars (one for the research proposal and one for the research findings) and satisfactory grade for in the thesis defense examination. (30 credits of course work and a research component with 25 credits) 2. For Diploma in Agri-Business Management (DABM): Minimum of 30 course credits and satisfactory grade in the final comprehensive oral examination. Courses and examinations will be conducted according to the semester course unit system adopted by the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Ruhuna, under the guidelines set by the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Council of the University Grant Commission.


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