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The Nîmes course of LLCER mention is primarily intended to offer students a thorough understanding of Language, Literature and Civilization of Spanish-speaking countries:

Command of the language: the literary Spanish, targeting the world of education, research and culture, but also specialized, to the company's field.

  •  expertise in translation, as well as specialized literature, the latter being thorough in specific modules.
  • Knowledge and deeper reflection on literature, the arts and civilizations of the Spanish-speaking world, but also more generally to the world, through minor courses and option
  • Ability to analyze a literary or civilizational work of the Spanish-speaking world (which can to some extent be extended to other crops).

 Besides this disciplinary teaching license is designed in a spirit of openness to other sectors of the field arts, literature and languages ​​at the University of Nîmes (different course LLCER, Applied Modern Literature, and History). The variety of lessons that enables this architecture has the advantage of facilitating the possible shifts and offer a specialized training, and encompasses a broader aspect of general culture in order to expand opportunities for students.

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