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The Faculty consolidates, teaches and disseminates scientific knowledge in order to achieve science-led development. Given Namibia 's past history, which did not encourage and promote effective teaching of science and mathematics, the Faculty, particularly aims at promoting student interest in the learning and teaching of science; and producing good quality science graduates, who will help to build a science culture in Namibia. To register in a B.Sc. course of study, a candidate must hold a valid HIGSCE Certificate (with passes in at least five subjects), which add up to 25 points, calculated using the specified UNAM scale. Equivalent qualifications are acceptable. In addition to the above, admission to the B.Sc. course of study requires at least a symbol C on IGCSE or equivalent qualification in Mathematics and English. Students can also gain admission to degree programmes in the Faculty through Mature Age entry as per UNAM's Mature Age Entry regulations contained in the "general prospectus: Information, Regulations and Fees." Faculty Prospectus: (PDF) THE FOLLOWING CAREERS ARE POSSIBLE WITH A B.SC DEGREE: Environmental Biology (Molecular & Physiological Biology): Teacher, Lecturer at a University or College, Ecologist, Zymotechnician, Zoologist, Biologist, Nature Conservator, Plant Physiologist, Plant Taxonomist, Botanist, Environmental Consultant, Researcher. Computer Science, Statistics or Mathematics: Computer Consultant, Computer Programmer, Basic Research Scientist, Data Processing Manager, Lecturer, Representative for Computer Manufacturers, Medical Research Worker, System Analyst, System Programmer, Quality Control Analyst, Actuarial Scientist, Systems Administrator, Software Developer, Application Developer, Database Administrator, Network Administrator. Physics, Statistics and Geography: Geophysicist, Lecturer, Meteorologist, Teacher, Computer Programmer, System Analyst, Cartographer, Geographical Economist, Town and Regional Planner, Geohydrologist, Assayer, Sampler, Technician, Research and Development Officer, Nuclear Engineer, Medical Physicist. Mathematics (or Statistics): Computer Programmer, Demographer, Actuary, Data Processor, Investment Computer Science Analyst, Lecturer, Mathematical Statistician, Numerical Analyst, Statistician, Teacher, System Analyst, Actuarist, Quality Control Analyst, Biometrician, Medical Statistician, Meteorologist. Engineering Science: Teacher, Lecturer, Laboratory Technician and Laboratory Manager for the production, for quality control, research and development in areas such as: mining; food and beverage industry (e.g. fish and marine products, meat, dairy products, beer); cement; paper and packaging; paints; pharmaceuticals; water treatment; pollution; waste; environmental; hospitals; forensic; pathological; veterinary; agriculture; and analytic services. Sales Representatives, Consultant.

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