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Postgraduate Diploma In Psychotrauma Management

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Since its inception, the Department of Psychiatry has been involved in the care of victims, survivors and relatives of persons injured and demised in various natural and man-made disasters, in Kenya and beyond. At the national level, the department has taken part in disaster situations such as conflicts, railway, road, air and sea traffic as well as industrial, institutional and domestic accidents. Victims of violent attacks from all spheres of life have also sought the departments assistance. The department played a significant role in training of counselors to service the victims of the 7 August 1998 Nairobi bomb blast. Care of the terminally ill from various causes especially cancer, Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection and Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (HIV/AIDS) has been a routine facet of our clinical services. At the international level, the department has also been involved in originating and conducting psychotrauma management in the African Great Lakes Region since 1994. It originated and conducted a psychotrauma management programme in Kigali, Rwanda to cater for persons affected by the 1994 genocide which occurred in that country. In May, 1999, the department rendered services for the care of psychotraumatised refugees in the Daadab refugee camp in Kenya. These national and international experiences have necessitated the need to develop a diploma training programme in psychotrauma. The main objective of this programme is to develop competent personnel to address psychotrauma related issues in Kenya, the surrounding geographical region and beyond.POSTGRADUATE DIPLOMA IN PSYCHOTRAUMA MANAGEMENT FEES STRUCTURE Tuition fees Kshs. 1. 6 Regular course units @ 17,000.00 102,000.00 2. 1 Practical unit 34,000.00 3. 1 Project 34,000.00 TOTAL COST 170,000.00 Other University charges Charges Per Semester 1. Registration 1,000.00 2. Library 3,000.00 3. Computer 5,000.00 4. Examination per unit 5,000.00 Others 1. Caution money (Ref


Department of Psychiatry

1 year

The following shall be eligible; Candidates with a minimum qualification of a first degree in human or veterinary medicine, pharmacy, dentistry or nursing from the University of Nairobi or any other institution approved by the Senate of the University of Nairobi. Candidates with a first degree in Social Sciences; Psychology, Social Work, Sociology from the University of Nairobi or any other institution approved by the Senate of the University of Nairobi.

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