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Master of Science Course in Poultry Science

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Poultry Anatomy and Physiology 3 Poultry Health and Hygiene 3 Industrial Poultry Production 3 Advanced Poultry Nutrition 3 Poultry Genetics and Breeding 3 Biometry in Animal Sciences 3 Seminar on Poultry Science 1 M.Sc. (Elective Courses) Advanced Studies in Broilers 2 Advanced Studies in Layers 2 Advanced Studies in Breeders 2 Advanced Studies in Line 2 Egg Science Technology and Poultry By-Products 2 Game-Birds Production 2 Poultry Production Except Chicken 2 Advanced Avian Reproductive Physiology 2 Hatchery Management 2 Hygiene Technology of Poultry Products 2 Poultry House Engineering 2 Special Problems in Avian Science 2 Domestic Animal Toxicology 3 Advanced Biochemistry 3 Nutrition Chemistry 2 Electron Microscopy Techniques 3 Computer Application in Poultry Industry 2 Research Methodology

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