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Ma. In Valuation And Property Management

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There is an increasing demand for skills and expertise in property valuation, property development appraisals, land administration and property management. To meet this demand the department of land development offers a Master of Arts degree course in Valuation and Property Management. The programme targets real estate professionals such as valuers, property managers, building surveyors and land administrators. The main objective of the course is to develop proficiency in operational skills of candidates so that they can effectively apply them in making financial and economic decisions in all aspects of property valuation, property development and property management. This expertise will be useful to people directly involved in real estate property management and valuation. It is also valuable for decision makers who must judge real estate investment proposals prepared by others. The course is useful in the promotion of careers for professionals working in government ministries, financial institutions, international organisations, private enterprises, and real estate consulting firms that use these skills intensively. It is the only course in the Eastern and Southern African region offering this unique combination of postgraduate training in valuation and property management.Details NB Foreign Students add 25% of each item FEES ITEM MASTERS) Medical/year 5,000 computer/year 5,000 Library/year 2,000 Reg./year 1,000 ID Card/year 500 Project fees (Thesis) 2,000 Activity 2,000 Student Organisation Fee 1,000 Field exc/year 2,000 Sub Total/year 19,500 Tuition/unit 12,000 Exam/Unit 1,000 Caution 5,000 Year 1 units 12 Year 2 units 11 Year 3 units Year 4 units Fees Year 1 179,500 Year 2 160,500 Year 3 Year 4


Department of Real Estate and Construction Management

2 years

The following shall be eligible for admission into the degree of Master of Arts in Valuation and Property Management: i) A holder of a degree of at least Upper Second Class Honors in Land Economics from the University of Nairobi or any other institution recognised by Senate as being of comparable academic status. ii) A holder of a degree of at least Upper Second Class Honors in architecture, building economics, engineering, commerce, economics, agriculture and forestry from the University of Nairobi or from any other institution recognised by Senate as being of comparable academic status. In addition, candidates shall be required to have at least one year of research, teaching or practical experience in land administration, farm management, property development, property management or valuation. iii) A holder of a degree of at least Lower Second Class Honors in any of the degrees specified above with a relevant postgraduate diploma or other equivalent qualifications and at least two years of work experience.

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