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M.a. International Studies

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The M.A. course in International Studies is designed as an academic course with emphasis on subject areas of practical use and importance in the conduct of international affairs. It is aimed at students, diplomats, professionals, business people and other individuals interested in furthering their academic and/or career objectives in the conduct of international affairs. This programme last for 4 semesters 0f 15 weeks each and a maximum of six semesters. Students shall take 12 units and a Research project (equivalent to 4 units). Each course unit shall be covered by 45 hours of study.The course will be conducted through lectures, seminars and tutorials. First year: Semester 1 Diplomacy, International Relations, International Law, International Economics, Language Course (French or English) Semester 2: Epistemology of research, International Business, Diplomatic Methods and Practice, International Relations of African States, Science and Technology in International Relations, International Economic Law, Social Science Research Methods (Core ) Second Year: Semester 1: (Elective) International Conflict Management, International Political Systems, International Organization, Selected Problems of International Law, International Economic Policy Analysis. Semester 2: Research project (Compulsory) MA International Studies/diplomacy/conflict management Required 12 units and a project/thesis Exams per unit 1,000.00 Caution money-once 5,000.00 Computer lab-once per annum 5,000.00 Medical-once per annum 2,000.00 Library charges per annum 1,000 Activity-once per annum 500.00 ID-once per annum 6,000.00 Lab facilities-French once 4,000 Registration/per semester 2,000 Research Project(once)paid in 2nd year 2nd semester 40,000.00 Simulation exercise (once)pd in 2nd year 10,000.00 Non Kenyans to add 25%on each item above Total cost of MA Programmes 286,000

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2 years

Institute Of Diplomacy and International Studies

A Masters of Arts in International Studies full time programme. Applicants eligible for admission must:- Be holders of a first degree with at least an Upper Second Class Honors of the University of Nairobi, or Be holders of an equivalent qualification from another institution recognized by Senate as being of a comparable academic status This programme last for 4 semesters. The Institute is in the process of introducing Master of Arts programmes in the International Conflict Management, Diplomacy and Strategic studies. These programmes will be available from the 2007/2008 academic year. First year Semester 1: Core Courses Diplomacy International Relations International Law International Economics Language Course (French or English) Semester 2: Electives Epistemology of research International Business Diplomatic Methods and Practice International Relations of African States Science and Technology in International Relations International Economic Law Social Science Research Methods (Core Second Year Semester 1: Elective International Conflict Management International Political Systems International Organisation Selected Problems of International Law International Economic Policy Analysis Semester 2 Research project (Compulsory)

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