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Certificate Course in Women, Power And Decision-making

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This course will focus on studies on women, policies and decision making. The course will also look into the following issues; Understanding different methods of accessing power, (the quota system; proportional representation system; how we use proportional representation to increase the number of women in decision making, Best practices: Affirmative Action for women); Understanding power, (how women?s power should influence power structures in Africa; Beyond numbers in political and other institutions; Grassroots women?s concept of power; feminine power); Institutional Frameworks for Implementing Women?s Empowerment; Women?s Empowerment frameworks; Tools for Analyzing Women?s Power, among others. The course will be offered in collaboration with the Department of Political Science. We shall also seek to collaborate with the Electoral Commission and Civil Society Organizations that deal with Electoral Systems. Best practices from the region and other parts of the world will be utilized. The objectives of the course will be: To understand the different types of power so as to move away from a patriarchal concept of power to power to serve; To build capacity to influence institutions so that they become more men and women friendly; To understand various mechanisms for accessing power e.g. the quota systems /Affirmative action; Share best practices in the region and globally; To understand the relationship between women?s participation in power structures and influencing instruments of power; To analyze electoral systems, political parties, etc, for their appropriateness for women?s participation in politics;To learn from women?s experiences with power and how their institutions deal with it. The target group will be women parliamentarians, women leaders in civil society, women in private sector, parastatals and women in government, political party leaders/student leaders/female student leaders/women political leaders, etc.

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