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Certificate In Poultry Management

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The Kenyan poultry industry has been steadily growing in the past decade with a population increase of about 6% per annum. The government liberazation programme covering production of feed and day old chicks has spurred extra growth through expansion of these essential and supporting industries. In addition, the ongoing rationalization programmes in the public and private sectors continue to generate staff layoffs that mostly engage in self employment activities hence creating further interest in commercial poultry production. Beyond the training for the layman, professionals are also seeking for avenues to update their knowledge on recent advances in commercial poultry production, management of non-conventional poultry, and operations in a liberalized market. The foregoing developments have created demand for a short intensive course on poultry management nationally and in the region. The Department of Animal Production is well endowed with the required facilities and personnel to offer the above course. The practical orientation of the course is meant to offer hands-on approach to poultry management and enable participants to gain confidence in handling of pertinent routine operations. The training will further be enriched through appropriate collaboration, technical visits, demonstrations and interaction with other players in the industry, such as hatcheries, animal feed plants, vaccine production units and key poultry farmers.


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