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Certificate In Dairy Management

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Details The smallholder daily production sub-sector is predominant in almost all Sub-Saharan animal agriculture. For example, in Kenya it is estimated that it incorporates 0.6 million farm holdings (70% of the national dairy herd) and accounts for 75% of annual milk production. It is envisaged that this sector will continue to dominate the dairy industry in future. This is largely because of the inverse relationship between land size and population growth in the region. Despite the importance of this subsector its performance has remained sub-optimal. For instance, the current national milk yield/cow/day is estimated at 5 litres in Kenya . Among the main factors contributing to this low performance is inadequate skills among the producers. This course is therefore designed to impart improved skills to producers and build capacity in other stakeholders in the production chain. It lays emphasis on practical aspects of planning and management of smallholder dairy production systems. It has also been developed in response to requests and as well as economic changes in the region. The Department of Animal Production is endowed with experience in teaching and research in dairy production. It has the necessary physical facilities such as the farms and the laboratories and adjoining dairy farms for demonstrations.


Department of Animal Production

Common regulations governing certificate courses in the University of Nairobi . Admission to the course shall be open to holders of:- K.C.S.E. certificate with a mean grade of C- or equivalent with at least D pass in a biological science; or certificate/diploma/degree in biological sciences. Any other qualification equivalent to or higher than the above.

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