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Bachelor of Science Course in Microbiology

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Micro-organisms (viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa) are fascinating creatures. They help purify our waste water and clean up pollution. Mankind has used them for thousands of years in the production of foods and drinks but other types can cause new devastating diseases. Micro-organisms are the oldest inhabitants of the Earth, yet we have only discovered a small fraction of all the microbes that exist. Microbiology is at the forefront of a technical revolution: incredibly sensitive molecular tools, coupled with sophisticated computer informatics, provide powerful new approaches to unlocking the secrets of life. First year This year is common to all of our biological sciences degrees. Modules Adaptation and Diversity Biochemistry Genes Microbiology and Cell Biology Physiology, Pharmacology and Neuroscience Second year Two of your five options will be the core microbiology modules: Microbiology 1 Microbiology 2 You can then choose any three other option modules from the available list. You will also study a Research Topic. Optional Year Abroad If you choose a four-year course you will spend your third year on a work placement or studying at one of our partner institutions in Europe, the USA or Japan. Final year Three of your four options will be selected from the core microbiology modules: Environmental Microbiology Genomics: A Microbial Perspective Infection and Immunity Microbial Biotechnology Virology Your fourth choice can be any other option module from the available list. You will also complete a Research Project.

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