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Bachelor of Science Course in Geological Sciences (Industrial)

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Entry requirements for Industrial Placement are the same as for the core programme. Student must successfully complete Levels 1 and 2 of the programme, normally with a minimum average of 55, in order to remain on the industrial placement programme. Students must secure an appropriate industrial placement if applicable. Modes of study and duration of the course 4 Years Full Time What you study The programme will allow students to:- be educated across the full range of Geological Sciences, encouraging and enabling students to acquire a good background of geological knowledge;- be trained in field and relevant laboratory techniques;- develop investigative and communication skills;- gain a good foundation for those who will embark on careers as professional geologists;- access a course of sufficient breadth and intellectual training to suit the needs of those who will eventually work outside the subject area.The degree programme is accredited by the Geological Society. Graduates from an accredited course gain fast-track progression towards obtaining Chartered Geologist status, which is the key professional qualification for a career in some commercial spheres of employment.The programme fulfils national subject benchmark criteria in terms of:- developing a multi-disciplinary and an interdisciplinary approach to Earth systems, an holistic view of the materials, structure, processes and interactions of the Earth's core, mantle, crust, hydrosphere, atmosphere and biosphere;- developing an understanding of major geoscience paradigms including uniformitarianism, geological time, plate tectonics, and evolution of life on Earth and an appreciation of relevant temporal and spatial scales;- allowing students to become equipped with Earth science terminology and nomenclature, and the skills to identify and for the classification of Earth materials;- providing methods of acquiring, interpreting and analysing field and laboratory data with a critical understanding of the appropriate contexts for their use, including the collection and documentation of geological field data, for production and interpretation of geological maps;- enabling students to develop an awareness of issues concerning the exploration, development, exploitation, sustainability and different value sets relating to Earth resources, to contribute to informed debate on aspects of Earth science including human impacts on the environment and the impacts of geohazards on human societies, and to appreciate the contribution of the subject of Earth science to the development of knowledge and its applicability to the world of work.The strengths of the degree programme here in Leeds include:a) a learning experience within an environment of active research (grade 5 RAE status);b) strong theoretical and applied themes developed and interlinked;c) emphasis on field skills and independent mapping or laboratory projects;d) extensive communication, employment-related and team skills development;e) opportunity to include an industrial placement year;f) focus on the programme providing a 3-year preparation for postgraduate research or taught Masters programmes, with a place being guaranteed on School of Earth and Environment MSc programmes for students who attain a final 2:1 degree classification;g) option to switch to a (provisional) 4-year undergraduate Masters programme (MSci Geosciences) which will offer a broader academic experience in year 4, allowing students the opportunity to explore related academic and career directions, as an alternative to subject-specific MSc programmes;h) flexible part-time study option, the order in which modules are to be taken being by individual arrangement between the student and the programme convener.

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