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Bachelor of Science Course in Food Science

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This is a 3 year degree course, which also offers students the opportunity to spend an additional year on an industrial placement or studying abroad. Food Science is a far-reaching discipline that applies the pure science subjects, such as chemistry, biology, nutrition, biochemistry, and microbiology, to the study of the nature, properties and composition of foods and the changes which they undergo during storage and processing. It takes a scientific and technical approach to understand the nature of raw food materials and their transformation into products we actually want to buy and eat. Above all the BSc Food Science is concerned with the maintenance and improvement of food quality and safety. In the food processing modules, for example, you will look at operations such as freezing, drying, canning and pasteurisation which are applied to preserve foods as well as those special procedures which are employed to produce particular commodities such as bread, margarine and yoghurt. You will also examine the effects food and drink can have on our health and well-being. Watch a video about the importance of studying food science. ? Search all undergraduate courses at the University of Leeds

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