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Bachelor of Arts Course in Social Policy and Crime

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learn about why social problems and inequalities exist explore why some groups of people experience discrimination study why some activities are seen as deviant or criminal consider why powerful members of society negotiate the justice system more adeptly than others examine social and criminal justice responses to crime ... then BA Social Policy and Crime is the course for you. BA Social Policy and Crime explores how poverty, health, housing, education and crime amongst others come to be viewed as social problems. In doing so, it involves an investigation of how modern societies understand human need, equality and social justice and considers the ways in which the institutions of the modern state and supra-states address social problems and how they provide for people's welfare. In this course, crime moves to the centre stage as you study in depth this fast-growing policy area. You will examine the social processes by which particular acts of behaviour, or particular social groups, become defined as deviant or criminal, and investigate the ways society seeks to control deviance and criminality. You will also explore the sociology of crime looking at specific theories that pay attention to issues of class, gender, 'race' and age.

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