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Bachelor of Arts Course in Politics

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understand the the mechanisms of power and influence in public life develop career-oriented expertise in policy and public affairs construct practical solutions to real political challenges grasp the key dynamics of different political systems ... then choose BA Politics. "The Politics programme offers a lively and comprehensive introduction to the study of public affairs, and a keen insight into the real politics behind the headlines." Dr Derek Edyvane, course leader. We live at a time of great social upheaval and dramatic political change. The rapid pace of globalisation has left old national boundaries more fragile than ever. And with the rise of new political actors, movements and institutions that transcend those boundaries, humanity faces an uncertain future. BA Politics in the School of Politics and International Studies will help you to grapple with this tremendously complex set of circumstances. The unique range of country and conceptual expertise in our School will provide you with a comprehensive grounding in fundamental political ideas, structures and approaches. With that foundation in place, you will develop your own expertise and tailor your module selection in order to build a portfolio of in-depth study around your own interests and concerns. You will receive foundational teaching in all of the core areas of the School?s expertise, including modules in political theory, comparative politics and British politics, in international relations and in development studies. Among the skills learned at this time, you will also develop your ability to communicate, both orally and in writing. You will develop your time-management and team-working abilities as you work, both independently and in groups, to deliver a range of assessed outputs. You will then build on your knowledge by studying more advanced modules in British Central Government, political systems, political theory and the methods of political analysis. As well as further developing the skills already introduced, you will learn new skills of political enquiry and research. In your final year, you will produce an extended piece of individual research on a topic of your choosing in the politics dissertation, and complement that study by selecting from a wide range of specialised modules delivered by staff in areas of their own research expertise. These activities will foster your development of independent learning and research skills. Meet Fiona, a final year student studying BA Politics

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