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Bachelor of Arts Course in Philosophy, Ethics and Religion

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Contact for further information Emma Lester, Faculty of Arts Admissions Office, Tel. +44 (0) 113 343 8068, [email protected] Why study? This truly interdisciplinary degree programme is suitable for those excited about finding links and connections within the areas of philosophy, ethics and religious studies. This programme will require and develop skills in analytical, historical and sociological thinking. Our School of Philosophy, Religion and History of Science represents a significant step-change in our provision of teaching in philosophy, religion and ethics, and philosophy of religion, and as a result, we are introducing even greater breadth and depth of study for current and future students. Theology & Religious Studies at Leeds is a research intensive community of scholars and students, studying religion and its significance in Leeds, in the UK and in the world, through the past and in the present; working to understand the place of religion in the heart of a secular, multi-faith city. Our students engage with philosophy, social sciences, history, literature and languages in a lively and diverse city with evidence all around of the past and present significance of religion. In Philosophy, we have forty permanent and associate staff who are active in all the main areas of the subject, with an international standing in research across many areas, ranging from metaphysics and philosophy of religion to aesthetics and ethics. The exceptional breadth of staff expertise allows us to offer courses in all the traditional areas of philosophy and for those courses to be pursued in depth. Watch Professor Mark Wynn, director of the programme, talk about how the course works. Related courses BA Philosophy and Theology and Religious Studies BA Philosophy BA Theology and Religious Studies BA Philosophy, Psychology and Scientific Thought

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