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Bachelor of Arts Course in International Development

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explore new ways of thinking about development understand the major development issues of our time investigate contemporary transformations in the Global South study abroad in Ghana, Hong Kong or Turkey for a semester ... then choose BA International Development. "You should choose International Development in Leeds because it offers the tools to develop a robust and compelling explanation of why poor countries are poor and why, under existing development parameters, they will remain impoverished." (Professor Ray Bush) BA International Development examines political, economic, and socio-cultural transformations in the Global South and interrogates the dynamics, challenges and opportunities confronting societies in the Global South. We will introduce you to debates and controversies at the centre of contemporary development challenges: markets, inequality, labour struggles, agrarian transformation, food sovereignty, gender, health, education, democratisation, human rights, conflict, violence and crime. Our course analyses both the theories and realities of development, and thereby looks at pertinent development approaches, practices and discourses. We review key development strategies, policies, and programmes, including the operations of organisations and donors that promote development, and assess the progress that the various development actors have made with regard to achieving key international development goals. You will, for instance, explore the work of actors such as local, national and international NGOs, the UN, the World Bank and the IMF, national and local governments and others that are part of the international development architecture. Throughout the course, we give analytical attention to the inter-relationships between global, national and local actors in contested strategies for development, as well as the changing forms of North-South and South-South relationships and their development implications. Moreover, our course combines the breadth of interdisciplinary knowledge in International Development with a firm disciplinary grounding in the social sciences. We offer specialist modules in many aspects of development, and the opportunity to gain in-depth insights into a wide variety of case studies from multiple regions. Throughout the course, you will learn about the experiences and viewpoints of people and nations of the Global South regarding various development issues. We also help you develop and deepen a range of analytical, critical, practical, organisational, innovative, and interpersonal skills and capabilities. Unique study abroad option BA International Development also offers you the opportunity to study for a semester abroad in Ghana, Turkey or Hong Kong. Part-time study It is also possible to study this programme through a part-time route. The programme content is the same but you study at a lesser intensity. For more information about how to apply, support available and the part-time student experience, please see the Lifelong Learning Centre. Lifelong Learning Centre

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