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Bachelor of Arts Course in Graphic and Communication Design

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Our unique BA (Hons) degree will enable you to study graphic and communication design in a stimulating and internationally renowned academic environment. You will study creative, theoretical and technical aspects of graphic and communication design, to reflect the needs of industry and commerce. Through your studies, you will develop your ability to think creatively and to devise innovative, imaginative design proposals. You will learn how to implement design solutions and advertising campaigns for a wide range of purposes and how to communicate with a broad range of clients and their audiences. You will acquire professional skills through your academic studies and practice and be well prepared for your future career. View Graphic and Communication Design Brochure In the School, teaching takes a variety of forms dependent upon your programme and study focus. It ranges from large lectures to smaller, focused seminars and tutorials, including group critiques involving peer discussion and feedback. Independent study underpins learning across all modules within the School and is fundamental in supporting your knowledge and understanding of the subject. Practical tutorials, demonstrations and workshops aim to develop subject-specific skills and are integral to the production and presentation of your studio practice. Assessment methods range from written exams and essays, individual and group presentations, to a range of coursework activities (including project briefs, dissertation and portfolio preparation) and the formal submission of studio practice. Projects look to test your critical and creative capabilities, together with the technical skills necessary to effectively implement your ideas.

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