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M.Sc in Environmental geography and management

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The Master's degree course in Environmental Geography and Management provides in-depth specialist knowledge and methodological competences in the field of environmental research and ecological environmental management. Through the project-oriented structure of the course, integrative work in science and practice can be experienced.

The core research topics provide in-depth knowledge about the functioning of terrestrial and marine systems and elaborate options for integrating complex human environment systems under the influence of global change.

The course of studies includes a selectable orientation and sets additional methodological aspects with in-depth knowledge in field and laboratory methods, remote sensing and GIS. This knowledge enables the professional handling of modern tools and media in the analysis of data and space, as well as the basis for the self-responsible analysis of problems as well as the design and implementation of specific solution strategies.

The Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel is a full university with a total of 8 faculties, ie a particularly wide range is available for the choice of ancillary courses. As our society is increasingly dependent on interdisciplinary competences, we are specifically focusing on interdisciplinary networking between individual subjects. In environmental geography and management, the methods and contents of different sciences can be combined through the individual choice of the secondary subjects.

The study organization is coordinated with the needs and professional goals of the individual within the scope of obligatory study advice. Internships and stays abroad can be individually tailored to the student's professional orientation.

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