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BSc Degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences

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This degree programme is the first university-approved professional training programme leading to a BSc Degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences (specializing in Speech & Language Therapy or in Audiology) in Sri Lanka. Successful completion of the programme indicates professional competence to practice as a Speech and Language Therapist or an Audiologist in Sri Lanka. The curriculum includes both theoretical classroom based learning and practical experience in a variety of settings in the health, education and rehabilitation sectors. The overall aim of the study programme is to train competent Speech and Language Therapists and Audiologists who have the necessary knowledge, attitudes and skills to provide a range of rehabilitation services to people with communication disabilities, and to their families; to raise the level of awareness and knowledge about communication disabilities in the wider community of Sri Lanka; and to contribute to the development of the academic base in the field, through research and their own professional development in practice. The duration of the degree programme is four years (with 3 terms in each year), a modular structure and a minimum requirement of 120 credits. There is a compulsory research project during the final year. Each module has assessments attached to it and students must pass all modules in order to qualify with a BSc.


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