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Master Course in Semitic Languages and Cultures

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Faculty of Humanities

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With a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree you will learn to communicate, to solve problems and to think critically and analytically. BA graduates are highly skilled and able to work in almost any field. The private sector is constantly on the look-out for successful graduates to take up positions in middle management because it values the proficiency in problem-solving and communications that a student develops while studying for a BA. The ability to think critically and imaginatively and to convey ideas clearly is valued in any profession. The Faculty of Humanities strives to: train high-level Humanities students by ensuring that the teaching programmes are internationally competitive and locally relevant; produce outstanding teaching and research outputs in the Humanities by employing the best possible academics and supporting staff and developing and utilising them to their full potential; apply management principles, guidelines, processes and practices to maintain and improve excellent academic achievements in the field of teaching and research; ensure by our achievements and services that values are strived at to the benefit of the individual, the University and the community we serve; significantly enrich students with the unique added values offered by studies in the Humanities

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