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Bachelor of Science Course in Geology

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This course will give you a comprehensive understanding of the key elements of geoscience. You will learn about the essential theories, practices and techniques to come out of the discipline and become well prepared for a career as a professional geoscientist. There's plenty of chances to get your hands dirty as well. Each year includes different field work opportunities including trips to Scotland, Spain and Wales where you will be able to apply all that you have learned here on campus. First Year You will have a broad introduction to geoscience and discover the role of geology and geoscientists in today's society. Modules Atoms to Rocks Dynamic Earth Geological Maps and Structures Introductory Field Course - Arran Micro to Macro Mineralogy Natural Resources and the Environment Palaeobiology and the Stratigraphic Record Planetary Geology The Sedimentary World Second Year You will learn about more advanced aspects of geosciences such as the structure of the Earth's crust and the applications of geophysical techniques to hydrocarbon exploration. Modules Advanced Stratigraphic Methods Depositional Processes and Environments Dynamic Lithosphere Geological Field Methods (Spain) Interpreting Geological Maps Introductory Independent Field Project Magmatic and Metamorphic Processes Major Events in the History of Life Structural Geology Field Course - Anglesey Third Year During your third year you will have the opportunity to take your degree in the direction that you want. The core modules will ensure that you are advancing in the essential areas of geology. Optional modules provide the chance to continue with the fundamental principles of geology at an advance level or specialise in the areas that fascinate you. Core modules Geochemistry Global Tectonics Independent Field-Based Project Plus four option modules from: Applied Geology Field Course Controls on Depositional Systems Diversity and Evolution of Vertebrates Environmental Geoscience Geological Application of Microfossils Introductory Mineral Deposits Advanced Mineral Deposits Isotope Geochemistry and Palaeoenvironmental Research Mineral Exploration of Vertebrates Mineral Exploration Techniques Northwest Scotland Field Course Petroleum Reservoir Petrophysics Physical Volcanology Planetary Science Reflection Seismology Reservoir Geoscience: Hydrocarbons and Carbon Sequestration

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