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Master of Science Course in Forensic Science

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If you have a strong science degree then this course can offer you advanced study and a masters qualification in forensic science, learning how to provide important evidence to solve crimes. You are taught a balance of science and law appropriate for practising forensic scientists, and develop the specialist skills and knowledge to gain employment in forensic science or a related area. You study one third science modules, one third law modules and complete a major research project. Scene investigation is integral to the course. During the course, you develop science skills and knowledge related to forensic investigation, along with an understanding of the relevant law and legal processes. All your core science learning is studied in context, so that its relevance to forensic work is clear. We also include sections on physical and chemical methods for those considering a career in forensic chemistry and DNA for those interested in forensic biology. We have a wide range of advanced analytical equipment available in our modern and well-equipped labs. Your laboratory work helps you develop a sophisticated understanding of various analytical techniques and their application in forensics. You gain hands-on experience of scientific instruments and learn current practice and research techniques throughout the course. In the law modules you work with students from other courses in the forensic masters programme. This enables you to see the legal side from the point of view of several specialist professions, which all have to collaborate effectively in forensic work. We maintain contact with professional forensic scientists and value their input to the course. There is a series of external lectures through the year, and your final project could be a collaborative one with an external partner. There are four other forensic courses available. They are all designed to meet a wide range of individual needs and expectations. Each course complements your degree study or previous work experience.

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