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Fees Detail

Application Fees 40
Course Fees 1032.49
Miscellaneous Fees 69.45
Enrollment Fee 130
Health Services Fee 699.12
Total Fees 1971.06


The program is designed to provide a very broad and complete short term intensive training for individuals desiring to enter into the multiple occupations that make up the Advanced Manufacturing sector. Similar to the Electronics Assembly Technician program it continues to build in supporting the required training and skills needed in manufacturing.

The program includes Basic Computer Literacy course, which will ensure basic computer usage for daily work requirements, National Electrical Code that will cover Electrical safety and terminology, getting acquainted with the NEC standard while learning such terms as, ampacity, bonding, branch circuits, conductors, energized, ground, the intent is to relate the standard to Electromechanical systems and assemblies and safety for the person and equipment. An in depth coverage of soldering theory, materials and tools, begin with the Universal Assembly & Repair course, to include projects such as wiring, terminals, component identification, and thru-hole soldering procedures and techniques. The Surface Mount course continues with the installation and removal of surface mount components, both soldering courses are project based that set the workman ship standard to IPC Class 3 levels.

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The School of Applied Technology (SAT) provides technical education and career training to give you skills to get a meaningful job. We serve thousands of students who have a wide range of educational and career goals. Our competency-based education helps you reduce the time it takes to complete your instruction and training. "SCHOOL OF APPLIED TECHNOLOGY ADVANTAGES" Weekly Enrollment – Depending on program openings, you may start immediately Flexible Scheduling – Arrange your class schedule around your lifestyle Low Cost – Tuition is based on $2.23 per clock hour; and tuition is free for high school students Job Ready – Our programs are tailored to meet the needs of business and industry and prepare you to enter the job market Transferability – Depending on your program, some courses may transfer toward an associate’s degree at SLCC Convenience – SAT courses are offered at 7 of the 10 SLCC locations Academic Support – Need a little help with math or reading? Academic readiness courses will get you up to speed Competency-based education – Move through competency-based education courses at an accelerated pace

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