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Bachelor of Arts Course in History

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This course will give you the opportunity to explore a wide range of historical periods, from medieval to modern, and locations, from Europe to Asia. Within this scope you will discover the various approaches from which history is often viewed. Political, cultural, intellectual, social, economic and international perspectives will all come into play as you explore the web of factors that contributes to our understanding of history. First Year You will begin by acquiring a solid grounding in the most prolific events in history. You will also become familiar with the trends and themes that will recur throughout your studies. Modules Europe Reshaped Making History Making of the Modern World Monarchy and Society People and Places Renaissance to the Enlightenment Second Year Compulsory modules will hone your ability to scrutinise the past with an objective eye and consider all possible perspectives without projecting modern ideas onto past actions. The remainder of your learning will be elective. You will have the opportunity to choose modules from a wide range of periods and study them with your newly developed skills. Modules Perceiving the Past Historical Research Methods Group Project Plus one option module from: Cultural History Gender History Race and Ethnicity Religious History Plus two option modules from: Blood, Position and Power: The Nobility of Later Medieval England 1066-1485 Classical and Post-Classical Latin Domestic Revolutions: Women, Men and the Family in American History Early Anglo-Saxon England to Alfred Enter the Dragon: Modern Chinese History, 1839-1989 From Beer to Fraternity: The History of Drinking in North America, c1650-1990 From News to History: Contemporary History and the Media History in the Classroom Imperialism and De-Colonisation Ireland Under the Union Madness Monarchy and Politics in Georgian Britain The Making of Modern British Politics 1906-2007 Peopling Australia Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union Slavery, The Civil War and Reconstruction in the United States A World Connected: Welfare, Economy and Government Since 1945 Third Year You may take the opportunity during your third year to study abroad at one of our partner institutions. Final Year You will have even more freedom to direct the course of your degree. The only compulsory module is a dissertation, the subject of which is your decision. Similar to your second year, you will choose from a plethora of modules covering all manner of historical periods. Dissertation Plus one option module from: The Age of Bede and Alcuin: Anglo-Saxon Northumbria and Mercia in the 7th and 8th Centuries The American Revolution 1763-1789 Church, State and Belief in Soviet Russia, 1941-1991 The French Revolution 1789-1804 The Holocaust: Genocide in Europe Ideals of Womanhood in 19th Century America Israel and Palestine: The Story of a Land, 1882-present Medieval Society and the Natural World The Presidency of Franklin D Roosevelt Plus two option modules from: Brave New World?: City, Culture and Identity in Post-War England The Civil Rights Movement, 1945-1968 Crime and Punishment in African American History The Decline of a World Power: British Foreign and Defence Policy, 1892-1968 Diasporas and Migrations in the Modern World European Medieval History Facing Modernity: Jews in Central Europe Food, Diet and Health in Early Modern Europe The Imperial Economy: Britain and the Wider World 1815-1914 Indigenous Peoples of the Americas, c1350-1650 Jacobitism in Britain and Europe, 1688-1808 McCarthy's America? Domestic Anti-Communism in the USA 1830-1990 Modern German History The Nazis and Cinema: Holocaust and Representation Parties and Politics in Britain 1914-1974 Political Satire 1681-1792 Slavery in the Americas The Transformation of Leicester 1945-1980 When Two Dragons Fight: China and Japan at War in the 20th Century Women in American Society from Civil War to First World War

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