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National Diploma Course in Human Resources Management

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Faculty of Management

Institute Description:
Our aim is not only to become one of the big players through leadership in the South African business society, but become and remain a leader in research. Mission: Sought after organisational leaders creating legacies Your future At the UJ Faculty of Management, these business leaders, and many more, have found more than just a sound theoretical basis. They've laid the very foundation of their success. And more than ever before, we're ready and able to do the same for you Culture Trusting in the power of knowledge, ideas and intellect Anticipating future business directions Being ethical, entrepreneurial and flexible Striving for integrity, respect and human dignity Engaging with the global environment

Fees Description:
Degree R 21 030.00 ? R 24 140.00 ? National Diploma R 10 210.00 ? R 29 110.00 ? BTech R 18 030.00 ? R 40 210.00 ? MTech R 10 300.00 per annum

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