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Bachelor of Science (Honours) Course in Applied Mathematics

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A brief history : The department of Mathematics is the oldest department of the faculty of Science. It started functioning at the inception of the University in 1954. Currently, the department is situated in the second floor of the second Science Building. It offers courses at graduate and post graduate levels leading to B.Sc. Hons and M.Sc. degrees in pure and applied mathematics. The research facilities are also available in the department for higher studies leading to M.phil. and Ph.D. The department has some mathematical instruments. It has a seminar library and a computer laboratory. In Addition, the department offers related (minor) courses in the first year and in the second year classes for the students of other departments. Academic Programme : The department is conducting 4- year B.Sc. Honours and a one year M.Sc. courses. The B.Sc. Honours course in Mathematics is spread over four academic years. Presently the academic programme is running in grading system. The department is offering academic courses to the students in two streams. One stream leads to the pure mathematics and another stream leads to the applied mathematics. The department has annual examination system. The B.Sc. Honours examination in mathematics of each academic year is held at the end of each year entitling part-I, part-II, part-III, and part-IV examinations. The result of a candidate is determined on the combined results of all parts written examinations , tutorial and terminal tests, vivavoce examinations and Practical examinations. The one Ðyear M.Sc.course of the department consists of two streams. One stream is pure mathematics and another stream is applied mathematics. Each stream consists of Òthesis groupÓ and ÒNon thesis groupÓ. The examination is held at the end of one- year course study and thesis work (for thesis group). The examinations consist of written examination part, tutorial and terminal test part, viva voce and thesis. There are also M.Phil. and Ph.D. Programmes in different fields


Department of Mathematics

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