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Bachelor Course in Mechanical Engineering

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Department of Mechanical Engineering

Department Description
The Department of Mechanical Engineering was established in 1979 with very limited resources. Within its first twenty years, the Department has become a leading and pioneering one. Its academic program and curricula are continuously developed. During the last five years, the department has witnessed comprehensive development in the academic programs and curricula offered, with particular emphasis on the quality of implementation and delivery of the programs and curricula. Interactive teaching methods and technologies including computers and information networks are emphasized to provide an environment which fosters the students' creative thinking and self-learning abilities. In 1998, the Department started two concentrations program; Design and Manufacturing, and Applied Thermo-fluids. A third concentration, mechatronics, was added in 2004. In September 2009, the department began the mechatronics as a new program beginning from the first year and it has been cancelled as a concentration from the mechanical engineering program. Program Philosophy: The Mechanical Engineering program subscribes to the philosophy that specialization is better acquired at the graduate level. The Department provides a wide broad-based program with an emphasis on the fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering. Concentrations at the fifth year level are provided for students who would like to learn more about three specific areas in the field. Mission Statement: The mission of the Department is to provide qualified students with a good foundation in Mechanical Engineering in order to prepare them for a successful professional career and to contribute to the needs of society. Objectives: Based on our philosophy and mission, the Department of Mechanical Engineering has adopted the following educational objectives: 1. Produce high quality mechanical engineers recognized for excellence and trained to successfully compete for positions in local and foreign markets. 2. Produce graduates in the field in a way that enables them to apply basic knowledge to achieve technological advances toward the satisfaction of human need. 3. Have graduates with a sound understanding of the fundamentals of mechanical engineering; and have the ability to apply this knowledge in engineering practice. 4. Prepare students for continued professional education, including graduate study and build within their system an appreciation of the need for lifelong learning. 5. Provide its graduates with an understanding of the professional and ethical responsibility. 6. Respond to the technical needs for economic development and diversification in the global market 7. Provide local professionals and industrial people with opportunities for chances to learning experience and be able to be a partner in the economic development of the country. 8. Stress the importance of laboratory experiences in mechanical engineering. 9. Provide students with a general education of sufficient breadth to enhance their ability to work and deal with an ever-changing society involving people of different backgrounds and disciplines. Admission the mechanical engineering Department awards degree of Bachelor of Science in two programs: the first is Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in one of the two area it offers (Design and Production Engineer, , and Power Engineer). The second program is Mechatronics in which the students are accepted from the first year. Concentration area is indicated in the student transcript after the completion of the graduation requirements. In Mechatronics, students are admitted directly from the first year according to their grades in the secondary school. On the other hand, students are admitted to the Mechanical engineering program after the successful completion of the first year college requirements. Mechanical engineering admittance requirements: 1. Successful completion with a cumulative average of 70% and more in the following courses: Mathematics 141 and 132, Physics 141 and 132, and Engineering Drawing 121. 2. The department approval based on its active enrollment levels and absorbing capabilities.

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Faculty Of Engineering

Institute Description:
The Faculty of Engineering was established in 1979. It includes four departments, offering five undergraduate and one graduate programs. More than 1300 students are currently enrolled in the bachelor and master programs. The Faculty is located in the Omar Al-Aqqad Building. Research Interests Architectural Engineering: architectural design, interior design, urban planning, landscape architecture, and cultural heritage Civil Engineering: structures, transportation and traffic engineering, water and environmental engineering, material testing, construction management, urban and regional planning Electrical Engineering: communications, power and control, and computer systems Mechanical Engineering: renewable energy and energy conservation, control and robotics, fluid mechanics and machine design. International Cooperation The Faculty maintains external relations with several foreign universities and local organizations. A number of specialists visit the Faculty to participate in workshops and to give lectures. The Faculty cooperates and implements joint projects with the following parties: Norwegian University of Life Science (UMB), Norway Dortmund University, Germany The University of Rome (La Sapienza), Italy The Technical University of Munchen, Germany Jerusalem District Electricity Company, Jerusalem, Palestine Geotechnical and Material Testing Center, Ramallah, Palestine Nassar Stone Investment Company, Bethlehem, Palestine Consoldated Contraction Company CCC in BIM. World Bank and European Union in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education's Quality Improvement Fund (QIF) in the field of Virtual Reality. EC TEMPUS Middle Easter Partnership program in cooperation with TUB, KTH and Ljubljana University. Faculty Departments Architectural Engineering Civil Engineering Electrical Engineering Mechanical Engineering E-mail: dean.engineering@birzeit.edu

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