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Bachelor Course in Business Administration

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Department of Business Administration

Department Description
The mission of the Business Administration program is to graduate qualified candidates who are able and have the appropriate credentials to work in the administration of private and public institutions. This is achieved through providing the deep theoretical knowledge combined with the practical experience which students receive through the voluntary training period organized by the career advisory and training unit located at the Department of Business Administration. The Department of Business Administration offers an academic program leading to a Bachelor degree in Business Administration, as well as a minor in Business Administration.

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Faculty Of Business And Economics

Institute Description:
The College of Commerce and Economics was established in 1978, and is the second largest faculty within the University, with around 2000 students at the undergraduate level, of which 837 are males and 1161 females. At the graduate level, the college has 312 students, of which 155 are males, and 157 females. The students come from various regions of the Palestinian territories. Our educational, research, and outreach programs and activities enrich the society's well-being. We continually improve and update programs, curriculum design and learning methods by drawing on the lessons of innovative research and practice; to better meet the economic and community needs. The faculty has four main departments: Business Administration and Marketing, Finance, Accounting, and Economics, in addition to two Master programs, MBA and Economics. The MBA has 210 students, and the MA in Economics has 102 students. We are a learning community characterized by a spirit of inquiry, pursuit of continued improvement, professionalism, trust, ethical behavior, and good citizenship. Teaching and Education: Our staff is dedicated to providing undergraduate and graduate students with an environment that focuses on all dimensions of learning - knowledge, understanding, skills, behaviors, values, and attitudes, so they can successfully participate in today's world. The administrators, staff, and faculty are committed to the growth of the students as individuals and recognize that the student is the heart of our school and the purpose of the programs. Our knowledgeable and experienced administration is sensitive to the needs and input of the community and area employers. Our teaching is designed to position our graduates on the fast track to lucrative careers by providing "real world" skill competency through a range of the six programs that our faculty offers, namely Business Administration, Marketing, Economics, Business Economics, Finance, and Accounting, in addition to the MBA and Economics MA. Scientific research: Faculty members conduct and disseminate scholarly research that advances discipline-based and interdisciplinary knowledge on important business issues through published research. This is considered an innovative learning experiences, and involvement with the constituents we serve, in order to enhance the performance of organizations, inform public policy decision makers, and contribute to teaching and learning through participating in local and international conferences. We value all forms of intellectual contributions, but the emphasis of our academically qualified faculty is on producing peer reviewed and published intellectual contributions. Discipline-based published research in academic journals is most highly valued, and therefore emphasized on our campus and our School. The faculty also offers conferences, and seminars inviting local and international guest speakers. Community outreach The faculty strives to sustain mutually beneficial relationships with the business environment that upholds all that we do. It serves society through the exchange of ideas and practices and provides professional external and internal services as well as outreach and engagement services to the local community. The Career Center supports a number of community engagement programs that facilitate students' involvement with entrepreneurship education activities in the wider community. Our faculty holds its annual Career Day, in which it invites local companies and organizations to recruit graduating students. It also holds Marketing Days, Accounting days, Open days, a Stock Simulation Contest, in addition to inviting guest speakers to share with students stories of their success experience through general lectures, all for the aim of contributing to student development E-mail: dean.commerce@birzeit.edu

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