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Bachelor Course in Architecture

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s the region's most prestigious architecture program, we offer a comprehensive curriculum as well as a diverse studio environment, both of which encourage creative, critical approaches to design. Our Bachelor of Architecture program is the first program of its kind outside North America to be granted accreditation by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) of the United States. Our program, which requires five years of university studies plus professional training, is for students who seek a professional career in architecture. Our curriculum is designed to meet the requirements for licensure that prevail in the United Arab Emirates, and to prepare our graduates for professional practice throughout the region. All students in the College of Architecture, Art and Design must complete the one-year foundations program before advancing into their major field of study. Through this program, our students develop a basic practical and critical understanding of design principles. Students are given the opportunity to exhibit, discuss and present their work in a variety of different forums, including settings involving professionals from the field. Our faculty members are all highly qualified, creative and experienced in their respective fields and approach instruction from an interactive and interdisciplinary perspective. Our graduates become practicing professionals who have an impact on the region's design, architecture and urbanism. Many also attend high-profile graduate programs in Europe and North America.


Department of Architecture

3 Years

College of Architecture, Art and Design

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