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Master's in Midwifery

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Midwives work is primarily related to pregnancy and childbirth. The work also includes women's reproductive health and rights from puberty to menopause, in Norway and in the world. A master's degree in midwifery provides solid basis for an evidence-based practice and the opportunity to continue to work with professional development and research.

Master's Degree in Midwifery is a demanding full-time study that consists of both theoretical studies (60 credits) and user-oriented clinical studies (60 credits).

The theoretical studies consist of three large main topic areas; Midwifery, childbirth and family formation; Menopause - sexual and reproductive health and rights; Scientific theory and research methods in midwifery. Master's thesis of 30 credits are included in the theoretical studies.

The user-oriented clinical trials consist of skill training in the practice laboratory and clinical studies (practice) at the maternity ward, maternity ward, gynecological unit in hospital and in maternity care. The education has agreements on internships at hospitals and municipalities throughout eastern area which means that it may be necessary commuting or renting of lodgings in practice periods

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