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DTech (Engineering : Electrical)

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The programme enables students to attain an advanced level of research competence. The thesis produced by a student must provide proof of original and creative thinking and problem in the industry to which their research applies.

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2 Years


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Our vision is to be recognised for our positive and empowering contribution towards the local business and broader community. As part of a university, we are fully committed to our engagement with Science, but at the same time we also understand that, as a public institution, we have a special role to play within the community. We believe that the effective integration of these two foci not only adds value to the broader community but also adds a differentiating value to our graduates and our faculty. While our qualifications are benchmarked against international best practice, they are designed to reflect a sensitivity to the needs of our local communities. Our mission is derived from the fact that the NMMU is one of the few really comprehensive universities, not only in South Africa but in the world. This means that we offer a wide range of business-related study opportunities that vary from general formative programmes to programmes with a strong career orientation. This inclusive qualification mix not only allows students a wide choice but also the opportunity to articulate between programmes while retaining credits - all of this within the same institution. At the same time, we offer programmes over the full spectrum, from undergraduate certificates to doctoral degrees.

Master of Technology: Engineering: Electrical or an equivalent qualification. A detailed CV must be presented in the case of equivalent qualifications.

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