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The Life Sciences license is a general education giving students a broad skills base whatever their route. This multidisciplinary training allows students to gradually develop their personal and professional project. In the first year all students follow common EU. From the second year the training is based on a common set of EU and on specific EU orientation chosen by the student.

Training offers three possible directions:

  • The orientation 'Physiology and Cellular Biology' (BCP) aims to strengthen the knowledge base in the areas of molecular biology, cell biology, biochemistry, genetics, neurophysiology, animal and plant physiology. This orientation is present only in the second year. Students with grade 2 to INUC be admitted right 3rd year Science courses BCP Life at the University of Toulouse III. Also, the content of these lessons has been drawn up in consultation with officials of the SV license Toulouse, to ensure that the necessary prerequisites to Grade 3 SV-PCO license are fully present in the Albigensian training.
  • The direction 'Biology and Toxicology of the Environment' (BTE) . This training starts in semester 3 and ends at half 6. This own orientation NUI Champollion gradually addresses aspects i) structural (anatomy, morphology, systematics), ii) functional (growth, nutrition, adaptation to environments and interactions )) and iii) changing (phylogeny, evolutionary biology, population genetics). It brings together the biology and physiology of organisms and ecology and ecotoxicology. 

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