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The license mentioned Economic and Social Administration (AES) is inherently characterized by a strong multidisciplinary approach organized around two bases of knowledge and skills: those of law and the economy. These two pillars of the sector are present throughout the curriculum and importantly, so that students can acquire knowledge and strong skills in both areas. Besides these lessons, students benefit, particularly in the first year of discovery units in similar or complementary areas of the two bases. 

This provides them with a general culture and openness necessary for the full exercise of professions they will have to exercise. In this context, Science modules Management, Political Science, Social Sciences are integrated in the training. 


Economic and Social Administration

Department Description
This construction around the right and the economy with opening material and other methodology is a high-level training in several areas. This is to provide technical students but as a means to reflect critically on the facts, to implement analysis and synthesis skills, develop their autonomy and control modern communication tools.

6 semesters

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