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Bachelor of Science Course in Actuarial Science

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Why choose this course? This specialist course is designed for students who are already committed to a career which involves applying mathematical and statistical techniques in the financial world. It is aimed at high achievers who are looking for professional entry into actuarial careers. In addition to providing a necessary foundation in mathematics and statistics, the curriculum is designed to cover much of the material from several of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries' Core Technical subject areas and so could help you towards studying for their professional qualifications, or a variety of other careers in the financial world. What will you study? The curriculum draws together a variety of subject areas to enable you to model real-world effects and their financial implications. You will explore a blend of applied mathematics and statistics, with appropriate computing support. You will also cover background material in finance and accounting.


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3 years full time: apply through UCAS (code N420) 4 years full time with year in industry and Undergraduate Diploma in Professional Practice in Business: apply through UCAS (code NN43) 4 years full time with study exchange: apply through UCAS (code NN4H)

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