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Catholic Education Leadership and Policy Studies (Ph.D.)

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Application Fees 60
Course Fees 42850 42850 42850
Miscellaneous Fees 236 236 236
Enrollment Fee 425
Health Services Fee 500 500 500
Total Fees 44071 43586 43586


The graduate program in Catholic Educational Leadership and Policy Studies offered through the Department of Education at The Catholic University of America is designed to respond to the nationwide need to prepare future Catholic educational leaders. The program focuses on the academic, professional and spiritual development to prepare for service in leadership positions as diocesan superintendents, vicars for education, central office personnel and principals.


Department of Education

Department Description
"Welcome to the Department of Education" Since its founding in 1908, the School of Education, and currently the Department of Education, sees it mission to contribute to the local, regional, and national educational environment. Our reflective practitioner model, rooted in Catholic social justice teaching and contemporary cognitive science, prepares each student for his or her role as leader-practitioner. A tradition of service to urban and Catholic education provides students with numerous experiences to further their development as an educational professional. Our reflective model challenges students in whatever career they choose ----- teachers, school and diocesan administrators, educational psychologists, policy makers, and researchers. A reflective practitioner makes decisions mindfully considering the messages a decision sends (interpretive reflection), the practical implementation of the decision (descriptive reflection) and the moral dimensions of the decision (philosophical reflection). We prepare those who will be future and present leaders in the field of education in classrooms and beyond: Catholic schools, charter schools, public schools, private schools or higher education and government. Our undergraduate program provides a unique experience of teacher preparation that provides sound content knowledge, practical skills and experiences that shape reflective practice. Students are in local schools with guided practicum and student teacher experiences with seasoned professionals. Secondary education students connect with both their major areas in an integrated approach. Our graduate programs target current practitioners providing them with up-to-date brain research and its application to classroom practice. Our signature Catholic Educational Leadership and Policy Studies doctoral program is designed to meet the growing national shortage of superintendents, diocesan leaders, faculty and administrative personnel for Catholic higher education.

3 years

School of Arts and Sciences

Institute Description:
By far the largest school at Catholic University, the School of Arts and Sciences teachers across 18 departments: anthropology, art, biology, chemistry, drama, education, English language and literature, Greek and Latin, history, library and information science, mathematics, media studies, modern languages and literatures, physics, politics, psychology, Semitic and Egyptian languages and literatures, and sociology. Undergraduate programs emphasize liberal arts education with opportunities to major in 46 fields of study. Thirteen departments offer 30 concentrations at the graduate level. Ten departments have doctoral programs with 18 different concentrations. Six joint programs are available, combining master’s level study in arts and sciences with law or library science programs.

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