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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

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Organizational Behavior The study of Management and Organizational Behavior will provide the student with a thorough description of the various value creation units in a typical organization, the general management process for various time frames, the key customer interface aspects, the issues related to organizational development and human resources, and adequate statistical and quantitative techniques to handle the rigor and complexity of problems that arise. Major Requirements MGMT 301 Management & Organizational Behavior MGMT 351 Human Resources Management MGMT 361 Leadership MGMT 371 International Management MGMT 441 Organizational Development MGMT 451 Employee Training and Development MRKT 480 Quantitative Marketing Methods Electives (five courses from): MGMT 312 Business Forecasting MGMT 315 Operations Research MGMT 324 Quality Assurance in Business MGMT 325 Basics of Logistics MGMT 331 Project Management MGMT 341 Industrial Organizational Psychology MGMT 381 Business Research Methods MIS 344 End-User Computing for Business Applications FIN 351 Islamic Banking and Finance FIN 380 International Finance MGMT 415 Operations Research II MGMT 421 Business Logistics Systems MGMT 422 Lean Production in Manufacturing & Service MIS 443 Decision Support Systems MRKT 460 International Marketing MGMT 471 Role of the Global Corporation MGMT 495 Special Topics in Management CBA 441 Summer Internship MGMT 482 International Strategic Management Career Outlook Business Administration graduates are always in demand. The generalist nature of the degree means that the graduate is not limited to a certain area or field, and would not therefore be affected if those areas go through an economic downturn. Furthermore, Kuwait is going through a major economic development that will continue according to most analysts until 2015 at the least. This means that many more organizations will be established and the demand for management positions will correspondingly increase. With its broad scope, a management degree prepares you to enter any field of business or government that interests you. You can even choose the department or function within an organization that you would like to join. Below is a sample of career of career opportunities available to management majors: Human Resources Manager, Project Manager, Operations Manager, Procurement manager, Portfolio Manager, Business Analyst etc.


Business Administration

Department Description
The Department of Business Administration at GUST offers a four-year degree program leading to a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration. The Department of Business Administration is committed to offering high quality degree programs that are student-centred and result-driven in an environment that fosters creative thinking and life-long learning. The DepartmentÕs primary objectives are to: Provide our students with an American-based, interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary curriculum that is unparalleled in terms of quality and scope; Recruit, retain, and develop highly-qualified and motivated faculty; Use and integrate state-of-the-art information technology; Establish strong and progressive bonds with the business community in Kuwait and the GCC to address the needs of the community and the society at large; Leverage the multi-cultured nature of GUST and of Kuwait and the GCC to develop paradigms for peaceful co-existence that would become successful models applicable around the world.

College of Business Administration

Institute Description:
The GUST College of Business Administration seeks to provide educational and thought leadership in the Middle East and the rest of the world. Our internationally educated and distinguished faculty members create an active learning environment where students learn to apply the latest thinking in business and management practices and theory. We seek to make our students life-long learners. We develop active, values-based leaders capable of developing and managing entrepreneur, productive organizations of the future. The College of Business Administration is comprised of three departments: Accounting & Management Information Systems (MIS), Business Administration, Economics and Finance and six degree programs, each with a strong foundational component in general business competencies. Currently, GUST students are able to major in a number of specific business fields including: Accounting Finance International Business Management and Organizational Behavior Marketing Management Information Systems (MIS) Consistent with the UniversityÕs commitment to diversity and multicultural awareness, the faculty of the College of Business Administration is a group of internationally distinguished academic practitioners drawn from many parts of the world. The College of Business AdministrationÕs faculty is dedicated to preparing a new generation of Kuwaiti business leaders and entrepreneurs who are competitive and ethical in both local and global markets. Through its expanding ties to the Kuwait business community, the College has successfully placed increasing numbers of GUST graduates in many of the countryÕs most prominent companies and organizations. The educational experience provided by GUSTÕs College of Business Administration is characterized by a strong interdisciplinary foundation and broad-knowledge base in core business competencies. The CollegeÕs curricula emphasize proficiency in the use of the latest technological innovations and systems as a key component of each degree program. Furthermore, GUSTÕs business programs incorporate hands-on experience and development of analytical, decision-making and negotiating skills, which are essential qualities of professionals in todayÕs global business environment.

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