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MA Program in English Language and Literature

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The program aims at providing students with exposure to areas of Linguistics, ELT and Literature which they have not covered at the undergraduate level to prepare them for further research in those areas. It seeks to further refine studentsÕ sensibilities, sharpen their critical faculty and equip them with knowledge and skills that will make them good administrators and efficient English language and literature teaching professionals. The general and specific objectives of the program are: General: The general objectives are to help: a) Promote liberal humanitarian values (through the study of masterpieces of English and American literature), non-native writings in English, cultural studies, post colonial studies etc. b) Polish Refine and sensibilities, and cultivate an urbanism in manner and behaviour of students to prepare them as successful future leaders/civil administrators. b) Strengthen the moral fabric of students and develop their ability to distinguish the right from the wrong. Promote the humanitarian cause in a materialistic world dominated by commercial motives. Specific: The major specific objectives of the English Department Curriculum are to help: a) Develop an excellent communication skill in English, which is the gateway to success in professional life nowadays in the national and international settings. b) Prepare good English language and literature teaching professionals to cater for the need of skilled English teachers at the tertiary level in Bangladesh, who will, in turn, help train teachers for secondary and primary levels. c) Train students as course curriculum designers for effective English language program in the country. d) Train students as English textbooks/material designers so that they can produce culture and context sensitive ELT materials. e) Train students to design and mark English language tests so that they can design and mark tests of English language and literature and also work as trainers and assessors of standard international English language tests like IELTS and TOEFL. f) Develop translation skills (for translating our art literature and culture into English and translating foreign literature, art culture and good textbooks on different subjects from English to Bangla. g) Impart knowledge and skills required for working with the media. e.g. as news editor in TV and as sub-editor in newspapers. h) Impart training in creative writing in English so that through their own creative writings can familiarize foreign nationals with our culture. Duration ¥ 3 semesters: for 4- year English students ¥ 4 semesters: for 3- year BA (Hons.) students in English. ¥ Number of classes: Two classes each week on each course. ¥ Duration of each class: 1 hour 30 minutes. Total credit requirements 36 credits (for students with 4-year BA degree in English) 45 credits (for students with 3-year BA degree in English)


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