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Bachelor of Science Course in Medical Lab Sciences

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Department ofĂŠMedical Laboratory Sciences

Department Description
The Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences was launched in 2000 in order to fulfil the local and regional markets needs for competent specialists in laboratory diagnosis, who are updated with enough knowledge for performing modern medical laboratory testing, investigation, and research, our graduates showed excellent levels and are considered of the best in the job market and research institutions. The offered program is managed and run by highly qualified faculty, specialized in different areas such as: haematology and blood bank, clinical chemistry, histology, histopathology, virology, immunology, parasitology, toxicology and pharmacology, biochemistry, microbiology, genetics and molecular biology, quality control and lab management, and others. Furthermore, the departmentsÕ laboratories are well established, well supervised and well equipped, all in a way to give the opportunity to academics as well as their students to carry out their practical trainings and related medical researches and diagnostic investigations. The Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences though it is not the only one among its sisters in the Palestinian context; but always with its faculty and staff members do believe in Excellency and of being really distinctive. Our Mission is to graduate ethical health professionals with knowledge and skills necessary to practice and manage clinical laboratory technology and conduct research in their field.

Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences

Institute Description:
The Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences started with the Arab American University to offer a diverse range of programs leading to careers in medical science professions and related technologies. The college has a teaching faculty and staff, who are highly qualified in their subject areas and who keep themselves committed up-to-date through professional developments, recent researches, medical workshops, conferences and the attendance of regular consultation with local medical services, health care providers, institutions, and the concerned industries. Since the beginning, it was decided as a commitment to provide high quality education, develop the health care disciplines through excellence teaching and research with the purpose of preparing health professionals to participate and contribute actively to the Palestinian society and the enhancement of quality of life of this and future generations. To achieve its mission and noble goals, the Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences offers programs leading to Bachelor degrees in the most needed specialties, mainly: Medical Laboratory Sciences, Health Sciences (Physical and Occupational Therapies), Medical Imaging and Nursing. Furthermore, the Faculty serves medically the whole Arab American University employee as well as students' community through the AAUJ clinic; which is affiliated to it and considered as one of its vital health bodies.

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