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Master of Public Health

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Public health is Òthe science and art of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health through the organized efforts of societyÓ. The global nature of various public health issues and societal responses to these issues is drawing increasing attention worldwide. Public health comprises of multiple major knowledge and skill domains including, but not limited to, biostatistics, behavioural science, environmental and occupational health, epidemiology, global health, heath education, health services management, maternal and child health, nutrition, public health laboratory practice, public health policy, and public health practice. The programme is designed primarily for appropriately qualified individuals interested in developing their knowledge and research skills in any major domain of public health through focusing on any topic of local, regional, or global relevance.


PAPRSB Institute of Health Sciences

12-24 months

Normally, a Second Class or equivalent BachelorÕs degree in medicine, nursing, health science, or other health or health-related discipline from a recognized university is the minimum academic qualification required for entry. Shortlisted applicants may be interviewed on a case by case basis.

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