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Bachelor Course in Applied Sociology

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From the policy of Al-Quds University on the development of the educational process and updated, in line with the revolving nature of sociology, meet the needs of Palestinian society, which is in the process of renewal and modernization came the idea of creating a Bachelor's programme in sociology in light of modern strategy based on areas of sociology and applied sociology in particular.


Department of Applied Sociology

Faculty of Arts

Institute Description:
Three decades have passed on the establishment of the Faculty of Arts, one of the fifteen faculties comprising alquds university. In addition to the main campus at Abudies, the Faculty of Arts has a smaller campus at Hind al Hussini college for girls in al Shiekjara area in the city of Jerusalem. The faculty encompasses fourteen different programs granting B.A degrees and thirteen graduate programs granting higher diplomas and MA degrees in addition to four institutes and eight specialized academic research centers . More than four thousands students are enrolled in the Faculty of Arts with around one hundred fifty employees working as faculty members and administrators. The Faculty of Arts staff has diverse political affiliations which encourages plurality of political viewpoints always celebrated by the university allowing and protecting the freedom of speech and upholding any attempt to undermine it. It is our moral responsibility to promote this diversity knowing that the staff were selected based only on their academic competence. The Faculty of Arts aspire to transcend studentsÕ future in the work place by providing them with academic programs and opportunities to interact with the outside world and their professors through different venues such as workshops, symposiums, conferences. The faculty's motto similar to the universityÕs calls for unity and better education therefore converting the campus into a melting pot for the students with diverse social and geographic backgrounds in Palestine to allow to learn and reflect on the holiness of al Aqsa mosque and the Dome of the Rock. They are helped to learn from the great Ummah scholars especially those who contributed significantly to the different branches of sciences enriching Jerusalem with a distinguished level of thought and knowledge aiming at enrooting them in their Arab and Islamic culture strengthening their stead fastedness on their forefathers land . The faculty seeks to fulfill its mission by instilling the values with which prophet Mohammad was known for, the values which Allah has taken pride in when Allah characterized his prophet as having a distinguished level of morality. This is exactly the mission our faculty is set out to foster in our students. Innovation and modernization are major concerns of our faculty leading us to continuously review plans, syllabi, objectives, and programs in a methodical way. Achieving our goals in this juncture of history of Palestine is as holy as the place, alQuds. It is imperative for the Faculty of Arts to rally resources along with national resources to support and to sustain this institution. On behalf of the staff of the Faculty of Arts, I would like to thank the president of the University for his continuous support and for providing all it takes to help sustain and promote its development.

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