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  • Lalitpur Nursing Campus (LNC) was established in 1959 and became independent from United Mission to Nepal (UMN) in January 2004. LNC is an institute with a mandate to work towards developing compassionate and competent professional nurses to meet the health needs of the entire Nepalese people.

    In 1959, LNC was established by UMN to prepare professional nurses for the former Shanta Bhawan Hospital. At that time LNC was called as Shanta Bhawan Nursing School. In 1972 when HMG introduced the new education system in the country, all the higher educational institutions came under the Tribhuvan University (T.U.). Thus this campus also academically came under and became a part of T.U., Institute of Medicine (IOM). Then LNC was affiliated to TU, IOM for academic activities and management as well as finance remained under UMN. With the successful program of LNC, LNC Board of Directors was established in December 2003. The present status of the LNC is constituent to TU, IOM. The Board of Directors is responsible for the management and financial aspects and the academic policy implemented through TU, IOM as before.

    This campus was started initially with the Proficiency Certificate Level (PCL) program and now expanded to different Bachelor in Nursing Programs. Until now Lalitpur Nursing Campus has produced 44 batches of students of Proficiency Certificate Level (PCL) and 8 batches of Post Basic Bachelor in Nursing (BN) level. Our graduates are serving in various health care sectors all over the world. Many are in leadership positions in the government, private organizations, NGOs and INGOs in Nepal.

    There are 19 full time teachers, 5 administrative staff, 1 expatriate and 17 ancillary staff. Total sanctioned positions are 42.

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